From the recording Stumblin' Out of the Gate

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Written by Robert Mabe
Published by Frogtown Music (BMI)
Arranged by Robert Mabe and Jack Dunlap
Recorded by Will Shenk
Produced by Jack Dunlap, Robert Mabe and Will Shenk
Robert Mabe: Banjo
Jack Dunlap: Guitar and mandolin
Alex Kimble: Bass
Mason Wright: Fiddle
Stumblin’ Out The Gate was written by Robert Mabe. The instrumental on the album this one showcases the band’s fantastic instrumental abilities.
“This one I feel took the most work arrangement-wise. Robert brought this one to the band in early 2021. Touring hadn’t kicked back in yet, but we were playing 4 shows a weekend as a trio at The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV. At that point in the pandemic, we weren’t allowed to sing at venues in West Virginia, so we had to come up with two hours of instrumentals. Robert showed us this one, saying “Yeah the A part is in 9 and the B part is in 4, oh, except where it goes back to 9.” Alex and I just looked at each other. We went through a lot of different arrangements, but nothing ever felt quite right. One afternoon, I was messing around with it, and I thought, what if instead of a 9 feel I just put it to a bluegrass rhythm? Well, it worked. Then I thought, what if we make the 9-part a three-part round? Now, that part took some more arranging, but it worked! This is one of my favorite songs on the album to play live. It’s super fun to play, and I’m proud of how this one turned out.”
-Jack Dunlap