1. Like a Stone

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Like a Stone
Written by Timothy Commerford, Chris Cornell, Thomas Morello, Brad Wilk
Publisher: Melee Savvy Music, And Me3 Publishing
ISRC: QZRJ62140005
Teddy Barneycastle, lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Kyser George, lead guitar
David George, vocals, bass, dobro
Ralph McGee, vocals, mandolin
Rex McGee, Banjo
When the news of Chris Cornell's passing became public, we, like most Cornell fans, went straight to his music for comfort. As I listened to Like a Stone, it was very spiritual for me. There are overtones in the song that lead me to feel like he was talking to God. He spoke of a book full of death, and the Bible is full of death and full of life. Chris says of longing to be in a house where like. The stone he wasn't leaving, he was willing to wait for as long as it took. The words most feel like a prayer in a way.