1. Enter In

From the recording Renaissance

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Upbeat Bluegrass Gospel  
ISRC: TCAFQ2109637  
Written by Claire Lynch, Irene Kelley 
Published by Shiloh Rising Music, BMI, Secret Garden Music, Butter and Egg Music 
Acoustic Guitar:  Bob Minner  
Fiddle:  Wally Hughes  
Banjo:  Joe Zauner  
Upright Bass:  Tom Gray  
Dobro:  Wally Hughes  
Mandolin:  Lisa Kay Howard-Hughes  
Harmony Vocals: Lisa Kay Howard Hughes, Wally Hughes 
I love the simplicity and traditional feel of the lyrics and melody of "Enter In." The song was written by bluegrass recording artists Claire Lynch and Irene Kelley. The song is a true sing-along, and being a former music teacher I love to encourage people to join in the fun! I am a fan of the music these two fine women make and was tickled to pull this one out of their music vault.