1. Big Red

From the recording Renaissance

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Driving Bluegrass  
ISRC: TCAFQ2109619  
Written by Daniel Crabtree 
Three Girls I Work For, ASCAP 
Acoustic Guitar:  Bob Minner  
Mandolin:  Andy Leftwich  
Fiddle:  Stephen Burwell  
Banjo:  Joe Zauner  
Upright Bass:  Tom Gray  
Harmony Vocals: Lisa Kay Howard Hughes, Wally Hughes 
"Big Red" was written by one of my favorite songwriters, Daniel Crabtree. The song describes a historically famous horserace that involved a horse nicknamed "Big Red" (Triple Crown winner Secretariat).  The song also represents what sheer focus and determination can do for one facing challenges to achieve goals. There is a lot to be said for starting out slow but coming in strong at the finish line.