From the recording Renaissance

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Mid-tempo / Folk / Bluegrass 
ISRC: TCAFQ2109613 
Written by Claire Ulanoff and Marissa DiBlassio  
Carolina Basketball Music,  ASCAP 
Acoustic Guitar:  Bob Minner  
Strings:  Kevin McKendree  
Mandolin: Andy Leftwich  
Bass:  Dave Roe  
Acoustic Guitar: Wally Hughes  
Harmony Vocals: Lisa Kay Howard Hughes, Wally Hughes 
I love walks in nature because when we can't find the answers to our complicated lives nature will often bring us comfort. Rivers have always been a symbol of peace, hope, and love, for many years. While traveling and playing music with the legendary Tom Gray he encouraged me to go river kayaking with him, and it turned out to be a spiritual experience for me during a time of healing.