From the recording Renaissance

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Uptempo / Bluegrass and Folk 
ISRC: TCAFQ2109586  
Written by Valerie Smith 
Published by Buckle Down Publishing, BMI 
Mandolin:  Andy Leftwich  
Mandolin:  Lisa Kay Howard-Hughes  
Acoustic Guitar:  Bob Minner  
Bass:  Tom Gray  
Banjo:  Joe Zauner  
Fiddle:  Wally Hughes  
Harmony Vocals: Lisa Kay Howard Hughes, Wally Hughes 
This song represents reaching a place in your life where recognition of self-worth and acceptance of life around you finally come to pass. The music industry can be challenging, and it is easy to lose yourself and your grasp on what is essential in life. As a mother, I have always felt that it is important for my daughter to see demonstrations of self-love and confidence.